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The Leather collection is the translation of a choice of authenticity and perfection. The nobility of the leather is more to prove, also in order to be "beyond" the leather seems to be the royal way. This is one of the favorite collections of the greatest gourmet restaurants of Le Menu Francais.

Ring binder

Very often, hotels and restaurants choose for their Room-Directory a ring binder. Also popular for wine lists, the inner pages are strong and adjustable very easily. In addition, the ring binder is now compatible with our four caratajour systems.


Cartajour System

For your menu holder, choose the system that suits you, whatever your choice, it is now compatible with ring binding.

The transparent plastic case system (transparent pockets), usually used for a classic use of the binder, is of course compatible as well as the use of a standard hole puncher for the sheets of your menu holder. Contact us if you want our expertise, we will evaluate together which system will be the most efficient in terms of your requirements.


Original creations

We can not expose you here all our know-how, nor can we present to you all the potentialities that our research and development pole can concretize.

Here are some examples...

Hôtel Metropole à Monao

Wine menu

Patinated leather, old book effect
Hotel Metropole in Monaco

Brunel Hôtel Restaurants

Brunel Hotels Restaurants


Drink list
Tabbed drink list
Chritiannia in Val d'Isere

Delivery delay


carte monde

Delivery times are estimated between 22 and 30 days.

However, if your request is urgent, do not hesitate to contact us so that we can implement a manufacturing solution and priority delivery. Deadlines can be reduced between 5 and 15 days.

For our many customers located in Europe, it will be necessary to add 72 hours to the indications above.

Terms of payment


 to order


 30% when ordering balance 30 or 60 days


 3 times without fees


For new customers outside the metropolis, payment is made to the order.

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